Know Your Builder
Whether its your first home or your fourth, there are always questions you should ask a builder.  When we meet to go over your Pensacola Dream Home we’ll cover some of these.  Feel free to ask me any more that you might have.  At DC Homes Pensacola we feel that a knowledgable client is one that will choose us every time.  So don’t hesitate to break out your check list and ask away! Better yet, give us a call at 850-607-6893 and we’d be happy to set up a time to go over your list.


  1. May I talk to previous customers and see some of your previous projects?
  2. How long is your warranty and what does it cover?
  3. Will you be using subcontractors and, if so, are the subcontractors insured?
  4. Tell me about your energy-efficiency policy.
  5. Do you strive to surpass energy code requirements rather than simply meet code?
  6. What should my energy consumption be in this home?
  7. What are the R-values of my doors, windows, exterior walls, attic, garage and basement?
  8. How will the HVAC system be sized, designed and installed?
  9. Do you install QuietZone Noise Control Solutions in your homes, such as around bathrooms, bedrooms, between floors, in media rooms and in duct systems?